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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Rachael AvariceFemale/United States Group :iconthe-life-of-jeremy: The-Life-of-Jeremy
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OC Character New Concept
Commission for MarioSonicMoon by KiKiArekkusu
Commission for WereWolf39 by KiKiArekkusu
Commission for XxTomboyxX by KiKiArekkusu
Syn: 2015 Edition by KiKiArekkusu
Your Oc character redone in my style.
My art is no longer limited to what is shown above.

I accept 500 points or $5 USD via Paypal

Time to complete may vary.
Seasonal Commissions
Merry Christmas by KiKiArekkusu
Decorating is fun by KiKiArekkusu
Includes any and all celebrations.
My art is no longer limited to what is shown above.
I will do anything you request. 

I accept 700 points or $7 USD via Paypal

Time to complete may vary.
Character Sheet
Ray Sittick by KiKiArekkusu
Sylar Reference sheet - updated 2014 by KiKiArekkusu
Kiki Ref. Sheet - Update 2014 by KiKiArekkusu
I will do anything you request. 

I accept 1000 points or $10 USD via Paypal

Time to complete may vary.
Full ForeGround and BackGround
Late Night: Sylar by KiKiArekkusu
Protecting Innocence by KiKiArekkusu
The Galaxy's Remebrance by KiKiArekkusu
In serenity by KiKiArekkusu
Fully detailed foreground with detailed background. 
I will do anything you request. 

I accept 1500 points or $15 USD via Paypal

Time to complete will vary.


KiKiArekkusu's Profile Picture
Rachael Avarice
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States


Rachael Avarice
Artist | Professional | Digital/Photography
United States

I'm an artist, photographer, and crafter. I love everything furry
and fluffy. I have my own business by the name
Avarice Needz and love to draw during my free time.
I'm very friendly so don't worry about talking to me.
I'm more than happy to strike up a conversation.
Feel free to say hi!

I'm not gonna pull the HAY GUYS ITS BEEN FOREVER AGAIN shit.

It's been a while. Yes. We all know this.

But what you don't know is how much I've grown this past jaunt of missing time. I've finally hit my "well fuck this is what life is." And it's not because I'm 21. Nah. Shit happens. We lose touch, but what matters is that we connect. I hope to post some artwork sometime. And I hope you guys will occasionally enjoy it when you happen upon it. I know many have left deviantart and have moved on. I'm just getting back in touch with those who are still left. 

Here's a few updates on this past time. 
I have moved back to Michigan. 
I live with my mom and step dad and fiance(whoop)
I still have polly.
I'm fostering a kitten I found under my house.
It's bestfriends with polly.
I dont live in a depressive shit hole anymore. 
I have gotten THE BEST job in the world for my stage in life.
I've gotten a promotion at said job.
I got a motherfucking 3DS XL GOLD HYRULE EDITION!
I can drink. 
I get to see my sister grow with her new family and play with my new nieces and nephews.
I can sit and have a drink and cuss with the person who so was strict on everything. My dad.
I've improved the relationships of my friends. 
I'm getting married next year. 
And I'm finally happy.

This has probably been the hardest but most encouraging year of my life. 
Last year i was stuck in daily depression and having massive panic attacks at almost a daily basis. It took me out of a job and placed crying in the corner of my locked room with a pillow over my face to muffle my desperate sobs for a new life. 
Something has answered, and something delivered. 

All I have to gain from this newfound happiness is to only share it with others. With my job I face the daily public head on and try to make every customer leave with a true smile on their face. So that they can go home to their children. So they can teach their true self, wonders of bewilderment. And with those wonders of bewilderment they can become the Presbyterian they always wished they could cook. Tomorrows Dragons can be that possibility with some cornbread and hard boiled eggs. That butter to your gut. The ambercrombie from the hutch. Your whisk of gravy can finally beat the ghost of Jerry Mankins. Yesterdays vegetables can be your todays quail. Dont forgive the milk. Kill your potatoes and leave those rakes to wither into noodles. Jesus is your sunbro. Protect the gullies and guard the drapes. Your mother is Clarence Field. 
I know where the fondant is. But do you know where the pictograph is? 

Dont let grapes be wet.

  • Listening to: WHO ARE YOU?
  • Watching: My face melt
  • Playing: Spore
  • Drinking: Absolute Zero Monster

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